Apple iPad VS shanzhai inPad

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Do you want to buy a Apple iPad? But they feel it is too expensive? shanzhai iPad(inPad) may be your choice! This station inPad used Rockchip RK2808 chip, 7-inch screen, with Bluetooth, 3G,camera ( iPad? no!).

Product parameters:
Model: inPad 701
CPU: Rockchip RK2808 processor
OS: Jinbo Android Display: 7”
TFT touchscreen display @ 800x480 pixels
Storage: 4GB-16GB
Memory: 128MB/256MB
Camera: 2MP-5MP
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless LAN and 3G
I/O: USB ports, mic and speakers
Battery: 2200mAH Li-ion battery
Dimension: 190x119x13.8 mm Weight: 250g

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