rumors: Lady GaGa for Verizon iPhone 4G spokesperson?

Unconfirmed rumors that Lady GaGa will be Apple's next spokesperson are the buzz on the Internet. Of course, word of the 23-year-old star appearing in commercials for the new Apple iPhone 4G have either a love or hate effect on people.

The iPhone is already a popular handset of choice in the 25+ age category. The new move is expected to specifically target the teenagers and young adults who share a huge fan following with Lady Gaga.

Cheryl Phillips writes:

“Poker Face, Telephone and Bad Romance and now Apple 4G. Interestingly enough, Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour starts June 28 with a total of 31 cities in the U.S. and Canada scheduled. The Apple 4G is due to debut around that time, so isn’t that just perfect timing?

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