Kaspersky VS Steve Jobs: iphone will no longer exist within five years.

photo  By thanhlangso

Eugene Kaspersky Forecast: iphone will no longer exist within five years.

The founder of Kaspersky Lab says that of the five main mobile platforms currently in existence, the only two guaranteed to last beyond the next five years are Android and Symbian. Open source platforms will outlast closed systems such as the iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile, believes Kaspersky. To survive, the closed systems need to change their approach and get rid of their restrictions for developers, he says.

Eugene wants to offer Kaspersky’s anti-theft system to iPhone users, so that the information stored on the smartphone can be protected if something happens to the handset. But apparently Apple won’t allow such software to be created.

Finally, he suggested that Steve Jobs is best to accept and take immediate measures.

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