Verizon iPhone Release Date and iPhone 4G rumors:iPhone HD Mobile in WWDC 2010

Recently, many iPhone rumors that: the next generation iPhone (iPhone 4G or iPhone HD) will be released on the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 7

Apple has officially announced dates for its upcoming Developers Conference that is going to start on June 07. The conference will go on for four days ending June 11. It is expected that Apple would discuss about the iPad, New Apple OS and other Apple products.

According to Apple's habit of analysis: a new generation of iPhone will be eleased in the first day of the WWDC meeting.

Verizon has already used multiple options to compete with Apple’s iPhone through other phones. The biggest bid of Verizon was the release of Motorola’s Droid. The carrier had marketed Motorola’s device heavily on TV and internet, the commercial targeted Apple’s phone by pinpointing the features of Droid missing in iPhone.

In fact, until now, apple has not released any official information,It is hard to find the exact date of the Verizon iPhone and we should not expect Apple to provide further detail on Verizon iPhone until it is launched. Let’s look forward to June 7.

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