Reviews the iPhone (Verdict: Groundbreaking, Expensive, Not Out Yet)

You think our coverage of the iPhone is overblown? Hah! CNET has already reviewed the damn thing (kinda), giving it an 8.3 and the much coveted Editor's Choice label. Ok, so maybe the review is more of a "what would a review look like" type deal, but many of the comments are still relevant.

The iPhone is called "groundbreaking" and CNET lauds its ability to easily switch from a landscape to portrait orientation. CNET also loves the Google Maps integration and the fact that it doubles as a video iPod. CNET does have some issues with the Jesus phone, however.

In case you haven't heard, the iPhone is expensive ($499 for the 4GB, $599 for the 8GB) and CNET doesn't like that. Apparently, the touchscreen is a "facial-oil magnet" and the lack of 3G support is terribly lame. Oh, and there's no wireless integration with the iTunes Store.

We really must salute CNET for taking the time to review a product that won't be available for several more months. Kudos are in order. I'm thinking of reviewing the PlayStation 4, personally. – Nicholas Deleon

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