Is Apple's iPhone set to conquer the world?

Although the Apple iPhone is yet to be released, anticipation is running high and according to a poll users are ready to splash out to purchase the must-have gadget when it is available.

Although the majority of respondents (60 per cent) said they were not planning to invest in Apple's latest gadget, an impressive 35 per cent said they would buy an iPhone.

Whether this early enthusiasm could ever translate into real sales remains to be seen. If Apple's iPhone really can conquer 35 per cent of market share, it would see the Cupertino company challenge Nokia for the title of top handset-maker in the world.

At this stage the poll certainly goes against Microsoft's prediction the iPhone will struggle. But it won't all be plain-sailing for Apple's marketing team - five per cent of respondents were left asking what on earth an iPhone is.

We also asked our CIO Jury what they thought of the potential business benefits of the Mac maker's first mobile phone device.

Half the group said they would consider using the iPhone but concerns were raised about the high price-tag and the fact the phone is tied to a single mobile operator. One CIO said the iPhone is an "unnecessary, overpriced and over-hyped box".

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