Apple iPhone FAQ

I've had a load of questions about Apple's new iPhone. So many that it's not worth me answering each one individually so I decided to create this FAQ.

What network can I hook the iPhone up to?

How long until other networks get the iPhone?
At least two years is what I've heard.

Can I swap SIM cards with another phone to hook it up to their network?
No, from what I gather you're stuck with Cingular for the first 2 years.

Can it be unlocked?
Maybe … certainly not legitimately within the first 2 years.

Can I replace the battery?
Nope. Well, kits are bound to be available, but taking a cellphone apart isn't an easy job, and your warranty will evaporate by doing so.

Does it support 3G?
Not in the US.

Can it take headphones/earphones?
Yes, it has a standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket.

Can you load Mac OS software onto it?

Will the touchscreen work when wearing gloves?

Does it support voice dialing?

Is there a GPS on-board?

What's the screen made of?
The same material that the iPod screens are made of.

Can it open Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents?

Can it open PDF files?

Can it record video?

Does it support the iPod dock?

Are there games installed?
Not yet, but this might change.

Is it a one-handed or two-handed phone?
Some features seem designed for single-handed use, but others look best suited to two-handed use.

Does it support Bluetooth?

Does it support Flash?

Does it support speed-dialing?
Doesn't look like it does yet, but I would imagine that the final version will (it's a pretty standard feature).

Does it support JavaScript?

Does it support Java?

Will it work in other countries?
Yes, it's quad-band GSM phone so worldwide coverage should be good.

Does it have a speakerphone?

Will it support my iPod accessories?
No idea.

What if a better iPhone (2nd gen) comes out within the first year? Will Cingular let me upgrade?
It's hard to get a definitive answer on this. If you're gonna be wanting to upgrade then my recommendation is that you make sure your contract states that you'll be allowed to do this. Get it in writing, don't take someone's word on it.

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