David Pogue Updates iPhone FAQ

New York Times columnist (and one of the few people who were able to get their hands on the new iPhone at Macworld Expo - Apple's prototype units were encased in glass and surrounded by large crowds eager to grab a glimpse) has extended the information available regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone on his blog, taking on a second round of questions.

The updated entry provides the following tidbits as well as others:
-The iPhone "might" support Flash as well as Javascript, but won't support the standard version of Java, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs as called a "big beavyweight ball and chain" that few people used anymore.

-Apple is currently undecided as to whether to allow users to set iPod-playable songs as ring tons.

-The iPhone will support games purchased from the iTunes Store that currently work with the video iPod.

-The iPhone doesn't currently support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections.

-The iPhone currently lacks speed-dial features.

-The iPhone should, in theory, support Google spreadsheets as well as Microsoft Word documents.

-The iPhone will allow users to zoom in on text and images.

-The final version of the iPhone will feature a login system similar to the one currently installed on iPods.

-The iPhone will feature a polycarbonate screen similar to the one found on the iPod but with a substantially improved coating.

-The iPhone's multi-touch screen is only operable via contact with bare skin.

-The iPhone ships with stereo ear buds that include a microphone and a switch on the cord, but will work with any iPod-compatible earphones.

-Pogue commented that while the screen is "very bright", the "virtual keys" make the keyboard slower to access than the built-in keys on a device like a BlackBerry, although the keys are more responsive than those found on such a unit.

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