Crave Podcast 19: The iPhone is here!

Join Chris Stevens, Rory Reid, Rupert Goodwins and Andrew Lim as they explore the latest developments in consumer tech and popular science. They discuss the future of the iPhone, the danger of sentient robots that may enslave us all, and put Microsoft Windows Vista on trial.

Our hapless team of gadget monkeys also take a look at the gadgets they saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and discuss whether a 'consumer' taser is morally acceptable.

Rupert Goodwins unleashes a completely unhinged rant against the iPhone and is quickly put in his place by the forces of good. Rory Reid makes a similarly disastrous defence of Windows Vista and is publically shamed in a ritual of humiliation not seen since the Middle Ages. Yes, geek-face, this is a good one. Happy listening!

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