Apple's iPhone a victim of telecom network limitations

Regarding "In Japan, barely a ripple," about reaction to Apple Inc.'s iPhone (Jan. 11):

I realize you needed a hook, and the iPhone serves that purpose well. But I would hate to think that readers walk away with the impression that Apple has much control over the lack of features here.

Does anyone really think that Apple isn't clamoring to provide the more advanced third-generation standards that are common overseas?

Isn't it likely that it would do a credible job rolling these capabilities out in a slick, integrated and satisfying fashion — if only our telecom companies provided modern capabilities?

Apple doesn't have any role in this. If Japanese teens are snickering at the iPhone's constrained feature set, it's the fault of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. This is a point worth remembering.

Although $500 to $700 seems a bit pricey for a cellphone, keep in mind that it's also a next-gen iPod as well as a smart phone. You add these two items' costs together and the proposed price isn't wildly out of line.

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