The most anticipated at WWDC:iPhone 4G, Snow Leopard
Apple's sold-out World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco kicks off next week at the Moscone Center—and Apple aficionados are already licking their chops. The two highly anticipated main courses: a new iPhone and the super-hyped Snow Leopard OS.

But how will we know if Apple delivers the goods or drops duds?

Apple WWDC Predictions: New iPhone, Snow LeopardHopefully, a new iPhone will fix its predecessors' shortcomings and bring video, a high resolution camera and faster processing to the storied device. I'm also betting the new iPhone will be a replacement for older iPhones rather than the start of a family of iPhone products. (Okay, not quite going out on a limb here.)

The big question around the new iPhone: Will the updated hardware support background processing, whereby non-running apps can receive updates? So far, of course, they can't. "There's still a lot of criticism on that front," says Gartner analyst Van Baker. "There's rumors afoot that they might put that in."

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