Apple IOS 4 will be upgraded

Apple has not announced exactly when the free download will be made available, though it will reportedly start around 10am Pacific time. The iOS 4 section of the Apple Web site currently has a "Coming Soon" banner.

Apple has quietly prepared the ground for the software upgrade. For example, within the iTunes 9.2 Devices menu the image of the iPhone has changed from a basic 3GS to a 3GS featuring the iOS4 wallpaper.

As Steve Jobs hinted back in April, for most users, multi-tasking – the ability to jump back and forth between open apps – will be the biggest draw of iOS 4.

“It’s really easy to implement multitasking in a way that drains battery life," Jobs said at the launch of iOS 4. "If you don’t do it just right your phone’s going to feel sluggish and your battery life is going to go way down. We’ve figured out how to implement multitasking of third-party apps and avoid those things," he added. "It’s very, very easy to use and very efficient, and I think users are going to love it."

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