Shanzhai iPhone 4 VS Apple iPhone 4

This Shanzhai iphone4, whether from the appearance or texture features, do not let you down!

Apple iPhone 4 thickness of 9.3 mm, this shanzhai iphone 4 thickness of only 9.6 mm. shanzhai iphone 4 looks like Apple's 4th generation has reached 1:1, in addition to the 0.3-mm thickness difference, the details in all the same.

This shanzhai iphone 4 used MTK6235 platform, equipped with a 3.5-inch touch-screen high-definition Sharp original with WIFI wireless Internet access, support for real JAVA extensions, multi-task running in the background, the background process management.
Next is a true camera flash
Measured with a caliper, the actual thickness of 9.6mm
Done exactly the same details, 3.5mm Interface