Apple iPhone 4 Update Won't Fix Antenna Glitch

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AppleCare concedes the only way to avoid so-called "grip of death" bug is to hold the device more carefully.

via Paul McDougall
Apple support staffers are confirming to customers what the company itself does not appear anxious to admit—the forthcoming firmware update for iPhone 4 won't fix the device's finicky antenna.

In a response to queries from tech blog Gizmodo, AppleCare technicians conceded that palming iPhone 4 in the left hand blocks a particularly sensitive part of the antenna, a fact that can't be changed by a software patch.

"We called AppleCare three times today to confirm it," Gizmodo said in a post earlier this week. "Their response was immediate and unequivocal, the same in the three cases," the blog reported. AppleCare is telling iPhone 4 buyers who encounter the problem to "hold the phone differently," Gizmodo said.