First Apple iPhone ad spotted at the Oscars

During the 79th Annual Academy Awards, Apple managed to slip in a very nicely done iPhone ad. The 30-second spot includes clips from different TV shows and movies with about 30 actors (not sure about that) saying "hello" on the phone. It ends with an image of the iPhone and the words "Coming in June".

Apple paid about $1.7 million for an ad that was supposedly viewed by over 40 million people in the US and probably more across the globe. The ad showed up on the Apple website shortly after it was aired.

Oh and another insignificant thing you probably might have missed: at the end of the ad the logo on the top left side of the iPhone screen has been updated and says at&t instead of Cingular. Enough jabbering, the ad is below if you wish to see it. Higher quality videos are available on Apple's site.